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‘Garden of Light’ art installation honors nurses with illuminated daffodils

Each March, yellow daffodils vibrantly burst across the parks and gardens of London, flooding the capital city’s Paternoster Square with a delightful display of thousands of golden daffodils.

But this art exhibition isn’t just a typical flower display. These fabricated glowing flowers are made by hand for a good cause as part of the “Garden of Light”, an interactive art installation.

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An artists’ collective called Greyworld worked on this project in collaboration with Marie Curie, a charity based in the United Kingdom which provides assistance for terminally-ill patients.

When you visit Paternoster Square, you’ll be amazed at how the 2,100 daffodils create a luminescent haze of gold on their temporary plot. But it’s more than a light show that passersby can enjoy.

Each flower is a representation of how Marie Curie nurses serve as a light in the dark to the patients in their care.

Instagram: @thelondonmag

Visitors take their time wandering around not just to look, but to listen. You’ll get an auditory treat as you go through the pathways of the art installation.

The art show plays recordings of the Marie Curie nurses reading out loud the letters that patients’ families have sent them. Aside from flowers and recordings, the exhibit also includes a memory wall where visitors can write messages about loved ones they have lost.

Marie Curie installed this exhibit in celebration of their fundraiser Great Daffodil Appeal’s launch. The charity event is their biggest campaign. They encourage people to donate for the care and support of dying patients in the UK. Individuals who have contributed to the project can sport special daffodil pins.

The people behind the art installation hope to get people’s attention to their cause and the selflessness of nurses.

To get a glimpse into the Garden of Light installation, watch the video below from Marie Curie.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.