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After 4 decades, Army veteran attends his own high school graduation

In a commencement event, it is expected that parents would sit on the bleachers as they proudly cheer on their sons and daughters, receiving the diploma in a high school graduation they worked hard for.

However, the role was reversed in the case of Roberto Garza, a World War II veteran, and his son. Finally, after 4 decades, the veteran who refuses to give up on chasing after his dreams is finally graduating!

The U.S. veteran was sitting in his red cap and gown together with hundreds of senior high students graduating from M.B. Ray High School. The admirable veteran, Roberto Garza shared how he had to stop pursuing his education and instead, drop out to serve his country during the year 1971.

Forty years after dropping out of high school to serve the country, Roberto Garza found himself wanting to fulfill his dream to finish high school.

Fortunately for the veteran, his son was very supportive in his dreams, helping him achieve what he had always wanted to do.

“Hey son, I want to… how to do I get my diploma? I want to go back to school…”

Roberto’s son shared in an interview how his father expressed his desire to pursue his dreams when they were having dinner. Being an encouraging son, he researched about it and found out that according to the Texas Education Code, “A school district may issue a high school diploma to a person who left school to serve in war formally declared by the US” 

“Everybody here sees their kids, I get to see my dad. It’s awesome.” Roberto’s son was not the only member of the family who was very happy for the fulfillment of his lifelong dream. In fact, all 40 members of his family exerted effort and traveled across Texas to see the army Veteran graduate and receive his high school diploma.

“There’s no words for it, I’m really excited to see the man who raised me… he helped me with everything, now to see him go through this, it’s just amazing!” Robert’s son cannot put into words how proud he is for the man who worked hard not only for him but for the country.

With dedication and an undeterred heart, Roberto was able to complete his High school education in the same school where he had started it. And although it took 47 years for Roberto to receive his high school diploma, Roberto’s dedication to fulfilling his dreams is truly admirable.

With insuppressible tears of joy, Robert received his high school diploma and graduated from high school. And though he was truly happy about finally ticking his lifelong dream off his bucket list, the admirable veteran couldn’t help but express how things would be a lot better if only his father was there to witness his proudest moment.

“I wish my dad was here. I’m sure if he was here he would have loved it man!” Roberto expressed with tears in his eyes.

The high school graduation is not the end of the fulfillment of Roberto’s dreams. The U.S. veteran shared his desire of studying law to become a Texas peace officer, recalling how this is what his dad would have wanted for him.

For someone who has the passion and strong desire to do and fulfill the dream he had always longed for, age is nothing but a number. There is no such things as “too late” in our quest to chase after our dreams and aspirations. May Roberto’s story inspire each and every one of us to never give up on our dreams.

Watch the emotional high school graduation below and be inspired of U.S. veteran who never gave up on his dreams. Truly proving that nothing is impossible as long as you have the passion, dedication, and most especially, the support from the people you love!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.