Architect transforms old cement factory into his fairytale home

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When the 78-year old Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill Levi discovered an old, unused cement factory just outside of Barcelona in 1973, he saw something that no one else did — he saw potential. Ricardo, together with his team, transformed the run down factory into a splendid work of art.


Coming from a family of builders, it’s unsurprising that the architect got an eye for raw beauty of a structure. But  transforming a war-ravaged factory isn’t easy and is sure isn’t quick. Just the deconstruction of some parts of the building took a year. Dynamites and jackhammers were used to take apart some parts of the old factory.

But their efforts truly paid off because as of today, the old cement factory now referred to as La Fábrica, is truly a sight to behold. We can’t wait to show you the transformation. Believe us when we say, it’s simply inspiring.

He planted vegetation around the building and this certainly gave the building a castle-y aura:


What once was a factory hall was remodeled to be an exhibition and conference room:



The contemporary-looking kitchen isn’t something you would expect to see inside an industrial property:


The living room is so spacious, open, and inviting:



Even the space dedicated for his staff to do their work is beautiful:


Every room was remarkably designed:


The exterior of the building can give you the air of being in a fairy tale. Like a scene from the classic movie the Secret Garden


Although La Fábrica looks breathtaking enough, for Ricardo, it’s still quite unfinished. The talented architect plans to do more and make the building even more spectacular than it already is.

More info and photos from Ricardo Bofill.

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