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These are the ‘dumbest’ and funniest answers on Family Feud that left Steve Harvey speechless

Steve Harvey has been hosting Family Feud since 2010, and over the years, he’s heard loads of ridiculous answers from contestants.

In 2019, the popular game show released a compilation YouTube video of the “dumbest answers ever” that have left Harvey “speechless.”

The 21-minute clip will have you howling with laughter as players give the most absurd answers to the prompt. Harvey’s hilarious reactions to their responses make the moments even more comical—the host really knows how to take funny to the next level!

First up is a man named Anthony. Harvey said, “Give me a boy’s name that starts with the letter H.”

Smacking the table with confidence, he replied, “Hose.” His family claps, saying, “Good answer, good answer.”

Steve, laughing, gestured to the board to see if “Hose” was there. And of course, it wasn’t!

Another man named Will made Harvey look twice in his card. The host said, “Name something that follows the word “pork.”

Without batting an eyelash, the man answered, “Cupine.”

Harvey couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He repeated the word “Cupine” over and over again, to the audience and family’s delight.

“What is Cupine? This is the greatest answer I’ve ever heard!” the 64-year-old sarcastically declared. “You the only person that said “Cupine.”

Another comical answer is one given by a man named Rell.

“Name something that’s hard to do with your eyes open.”


Harvey said, “This boy in college. He enrolled in [inaudible]. He leaned into the mic and said, “Read, Steve!”

“Okay. I sure want to see you shut your eyes and do it!” the host added.

A woman named Shekira unexpectedly gave Harvey the correct answer when he said, “Name something that a person with long legs might not be able to fit into.”

Shekira said, “Long pants,” causing Harvey to walk over to her to read the prompt all over again.

Upon realizing her mistake, Shekira said, “Sorry, Steve.”

“No, it’s okay. I don’t want you to say ‘I’m sorry.’ I want you to, you know. You wanna take that back, don’t you? But we gotta check to see if it’s up there now,” Harvey said.

He then motioned to the board, and to everyone’s surprise, “Pants/Shorts” was actually the second top answer!

After the reveal, Harvey seemed to have lost it, throwing the cards on the floor while pacing around. Meanwhile, the family cheered and jumped for joy.

Another amusing answer was from a guy named Rashaad.

“Tell me something that a pilot might turn on after the plane takes off.”

Chuckling, Rashaad confidently responded, “The engine’s already on, so the engine.”

Harvey went on to imitate a pilot’s announcement.

“Folks, we’re at 33,000 feet right now and fasten your seatbelts. I’m gonna turn these engines on and see if we can maintain altitude. Rashaad suggested that we turn on the damn engine.”

The absurdity of the answer and Harvey’s sarcasm drew lots of laughter from the audience.

A woman named Nancy thought she got a winning answer, but it turned out she understood the prompt all wrong.

“I could never make love to someone who looked like my who..” Harvey said.

With complete confidence, Nancy shouted, “My lovely husband!”

“Steve, there’s only one,” she added. “There’s nobody better than my husband.”

“See, we understand that part. The confusion we having is why the hell that’s your answer,” Harvey responded.

We don’t want to spoil the entire video for you, so just check it out for yourself and prepare to roll on the floor with laughter!

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