This woman can’t decide which dog to save, she ends up buying the entire shelter

Danielle Eden is an animal lover who has dedicated her life to saving dogs that are in desperate need.

She loves all animals, but dogs occupy a special place in her heart. This particular affection led her to establish Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary – a dog shelter and horse sanctuary – located in 50 acres of green fields in King City, Ontario.

Danielle founded the rescue in 2014 together with her husband Rob, a fellow animal lover. The property is the perfect place for abused and neglected dogs to rehabilitate, as it is complete with kilometers of walking trails, therapy pools, and a grooming spa.


While waiting to be adopted, these pups receive necessary medical care and training from the staff to help them recover from their difficult pasts. For the rest, the rescue will serve as their home for as long as it needs to be.

Danielle has visited numerous animal shelters from around the world, and she would often bring dogs who needed the most help back to the rescue.

But nothing could have prepared her for a shelter visit that she made in Israel back in 2016.


The dire situation of the dogs in that shelter brought the animal lover to tears. The sanctuary housed more than 250 dogs, even when it was designed to accommodate only 70.

There were up to six dogs crammed in each kennel, and most of them were covered in ticks and sores. They were being fed loaves of bread which they are forced to fight over because the food supply was limited.

There was mud all over and worst, there were rats found everywhere – dead and alive.


Danielle knew she couldn’t go back to Canada and let these dogs continue to live in such poor conditions. So she decided to buy the entire shelter right then and there, including the more than 250 dogs that came with it.

She extended her trip for a month to negotiate the takeover with the previous owners of the shelter. After the necessary paperwork was finished, she flew the 25 dogs who were fit to travel back to Canada.


Danielle immediately began to transform the shelter in Israel and improve the dogs’ living conditions. She brought vets in so they could provide proper medical care to the pups and switched them to a healthy diet. She also hired a crew to clean up the property.

Two months after they bought the shelter, they were able to relocate 90 dogs within Israel. Eventually, the remaining dogs were all transported to Canada, and it didn’t take long before most of them found their forever homes!


These dogs’ lives are now far from the way it used to be thanks to this compassionate animal lover – sad and desperate. Now, they are happy pups living their best lives, and it is all thanks to Danielle, Rob, and all the people involved in their rescue.

Visit the Dog Tales website if you’d like to get involved by volunteering, donating, and applying for a job at the rescue.