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Watch staff and volunteers celebrate shelter being empty for the first time ever

What this animal shelter did not expect from the pandemic is the sudden surge of animal adoptions and foster volunteers. People have been going to the shelter Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control for furry companions while they are staying at home.

The staff’s joyful celebration was recorded on video and shared on their Facebook page.

Empty kennel runs in the 1 of 3 dog kennel buildings at the shelter.

Below is the statement from the shelter as posted on their Facebook page:

“For the first time ever, the main dog kennel at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control is empty, thanks to a surge of adoptions and foster volunteers looking for furry companions to keep them company while they practice social distancing at home.

An incredible and joyful thing happened today….For the first time in the history of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, we have completely emptied one of our three dog kennels!

This amazing milestone was made possible by the help and support of our entire community! Thank you to the shelter staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for, find homes for, and advocate for the pets who come through these doors; thank you to our incredible foster parents who open their heart and homes to thousands of pets each year; thank you to everyone who has opted to adopt a shelter pet – whether it be here or from any of the other amazing organizations out there; thank you to our placement partner organizations far and wide – without them, this would not be possible.

Empty cages in one of the cat adoption rooms

Let’s keep the momentum going and good vibes flowing! We still have dogs available for adoption or foster in our main kennel, along with a few adoptable cats, two adoptable horses, and Charlotte the adoptable pig. If you are interested in fostering or adopting, please visit our website to view our available pets and submit an application online:

Pictured in this video: Shelter staff celebrating in Kennel Two, the shelter’s stray housing kennel and adoption overflow kennel. There are 48 double-sided in runs in each of the three kennel buildings at the shelter.

We still have adoptable animals on site and are hoping to be able to empty many more kennels, so please feel free to share with potential adopters and fosters. We will also continue to shelter and care for the stray animals in our community and the pets who still need us.”

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