Andrea Bocelli and his daughter sing a beautiful duet of the classic song ‘Hallelujah’

The world is lucky to have witnessed its fair share of Andrea Bocelli duets, and I believe this one right here will be your new favorite.

The famous Italian tenor has become a household name around the world because of his immense talent. Bocelli, 62, has touched many hearts with his songs, and he continues to do so, especially amid these difficult times.

COVID-19 has robbed us of many joys in life, compelling us to change how we live and interact with other people every day.

Andrea Bocelli

With strict social distancing measures still in place, artists have heavily relied on technology to connect with their listeners.

Like many other performers, Bocelli started doing livestream performances to share his music with the world.

He held his most recent stream in December 2020—just two weeks short of Christmas day—and brought along a very special guest: his 8-year-old daughter Virginia.

Andrea Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli singing Hallelujah at Teatro Regio di Parma

The pair took the stage at Teatro Regio di Parma opera house in Italy to perform the Leonard Cohen classic “Hallelujah” to spread a little joy during the holiday season. They were accompanied by an orchestra and had a few special guests as their audience, including Virginia’s mom, Veronica Berti.

For this livestream event, Bocelli picked creative director Franco Dragone—best known for his work at Cirque Du Soleil—to inject his magic and make the cinematography of the performance extraordinarily pleasing for Bocelli’s paying virtual audience.

Since Bocelli was set to release his album “Believe” at the time and the livestream was specific to the holiday season, they chose to name the musical event “Believe in Christmas.”

The video starts with Virginia grabbing a guitar to bring to her father, who was already on stage. They then take a seat on the floor, and Bocelli plays the instrumental intro of the ballad.

Andrea Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli singing Hallelujah at Teatro Regio di Parma

Virginia takes on the first verse of the song, and the opera house fills with her angelic voice.

As the video continues, we get to see just how brilliantly Dragone directed this broadcast. Using a multi-camera setup, he was able to capture the livestream performance beautifully.

One person got a VIP pass to witness and hear Bocelli and Virginia’s beautiful harmonies in person. From above, the singer’s wife Veronica looked on lovingly to the incredible father-and-daughter duo.

Prior to this ticketed event, Bocelli performed a free concert via livestream on Easter Sunday called “Music for Hope.” He sang inside an empty Duomo di Milano in Milan’s cathedral, the video for which has been viewed over 42 million times on YouTube.

Andrea Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli singing Hallelujah at Teatro Regio di Parma

“It was a moment of great emotion and regeneration. Music is an expression of the sacred, a readily available bridge across which faith can be revealed to us beyond the veil of our noisy, everyday lives,” he told of his solo Easter performance.

These livestreams serve more than just to entertain. They provide a glimmer of hope and a moment of tranquility during a time of hardship.

The Bocellis’ voices have the ability to calm the soul, clear the mind, and touch the heart. It’s truly a gift from above, and we’re fortunate to have witnessed many remarkable Andrea Bocelli duets like this – something that the world will never tire of.

Hear Andrea Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli’s performance of “Hallelujah” in the video below.

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