Opera star Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran team up for stunning ‘Perfect’ duet

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Ed Sheeran, the British singer, and songwriter teamed up with multi-award winning opera singer Andrea Bocelli, in a perfect rendition of the former’s original composition, “Perfect.” Proving to the world, that true to Plato’s words, music has the power to touch the soul and move your heart!

Ed Sheeran is not only a singer and a songwriter, he is also a guitarist, a rapper, a record producer, and an actor. Although Ed Sheeran began his career in music since 2004, it was in the year 2011 that he rose to popularity and reached international success. Since his promising career in the music industry flourished, he has been nominated and awarded with prestigious recognitions.

Ed Sheeran is a multiple Grammy Awardee. Not only that, but he also won the following: MTV Video Award, Brit Award, People’s Choice Award, American Music Award, and Billboard Music Award for Top Radio Songs.

Aside from the awards he received from music award-giving organizations, Ed Sheeran is also a recipient of the Most Excellent Order of The British Empire, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to arts.

What makes Ed Sheeran one of the best artists of his generation is his passion for exploring different styles in his music. He always has something new to offer in each album that he had launched. Also, he loves to make collaboration with fellow artists, which is evident in the beautiful rendition of ‘Perfect’ which he performed together with another brilliant artist, Andrea Bocelli.

According to David Foster, Andrea Bocelli’s voice is described as the most beautiful in the world. As per Celine Dion, if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like him.  In his entire career, Andrea Bocelli has already sold over 80 millions of records in the international market.

If we will enumerate all of his awards, surely it would take forever. But along with his collection of prestigious awards, Andrea Bocelli is also a recipient of Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and as well as Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella of the Dominican Republic, for his phenomenal musical contribution.

Andrea Bocelli is known as well for his collaborative performances with other artists such as Celine Dion in The Prayer, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Ariana Grande, and Barbra Streisand to name a few. And now, his heavenly performance of ‘Perfect’ with Ed Sheeran is stealing the hearts of the listeners.

The orchestral version of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect was arranged by his brother, Matthew Sheeran. His collaboration with Andrea Bocelli was recorded in the home of the latter in Tuscany, Italy.

The classical take of Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli with Perfect features the latter singing his parts in Italian. It is also remarkable how Ed Sheeran sang some of his parts in Italian as well.

Ed Sheeran’s voice beautifully complimented with Andrea Bocelli, their glorious duet was performed live for the very first time in Wembley Stadium, leaving their audiences with goosebumps and chills down their spine.

“Well, that doesn’t happen every day,” Ed Sheeran said after their beautiful performance. “Thank you very much Wembley, and thank you very much, Andrea.”

True to its title, the ‘Perfect Symphony’ is even beyond perfection! Watch Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli’s studio version of their eargasmic collaboration that will surely leave you playing their music on repeat!

Photo and Video | Ed Sheeran

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