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An open letter to my dad: FIVE things I would like to thank you for

To the man with the biggest heart,

Hi dad! It’s been a long time since I had a genuine conversation with you. I didn’t know that adulting could make natural things, like having a heart to heart conversation with my father, be awkward.

Pixabay | Melinda

I would just like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am that God blessed me for having a father like you. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without you. I know that all of my achievements in life were accomplished because you were there by my side through my ups and downs.

Listing down all of the things you did for me would take days to write; I did not want to keep you busy as well so I have decided to just keep it short. Of all the things you have done for me, and for my siblings, here are 5 of them which I am most grateful for.

Thank you for spending your time with me, it gave me the best childhood memories. 

As a child, I remember eagerly waiting for you to come home from work. I cannot wait to bond with my favorite playmate. My innocent eyes, failed to pay attention to the wrinkles in your forehead, nor to the creases on your shirt. I did not know then that you were beaten tired because of work, but you tried your best not to show it.

A vibrant smile is always framed on your face as soon as you open the door to our home. In spite of being tired, you never ignored me nor shooed me away whenever I bother you. You always gave in to my whimsical requests and for that I thank you.

Unsplash | Becca Tarter

Thank you for loving my mom. 

As an adult, I appreciate how loving you are to my mother. I never saw both of you engage in a heated fight in front of me nor my siblings. Both of you filled our home with love and respect for each other. At an early age, you have shown me how men should treat the woman they love — full of understanding, affection, respect, and love.

And so I learned how to distinguish genuine love from the illusions of love. I know not to settle for less, because I grew up knowing what real love is and for that, I thank you.

Pixabay | Free-Photos

Thank you for trusting me, for saying yes to the things mom said no for. 

I know how much you and mom love me. And I know that every time mom said no, she was only thinking about my safety and best interest. But I also know that I need to explore life. There are things I needed to experience for myself to prepare me for the real challenges life has in store for me.

Thank you for saying YES. Thank you for trusting my character and capabilities. Thank you for allowing me to make my own mistakes and learn from them. Thank you for encouraging me to explore and enjoy life. The lessons I have learned from them helped me a lot and for that, I thank you.

Pixabay | Alexas_Fotos

Thank you for the sacrifices you made for our sake. 

You have spent more than half of your life working in order to support our family. And in the process of being a good father and a provider, there were moments in our lives that we were not able to experience nor share with you because you were busy providing for us. Now that I am a parent as well, I fully understand how hard things must be for you.

I am sorry for all of the resentments I harbored for the occasions you have missed in my life. Thank you for your hard-work and sacrifices, without them, I will not be able to pursue my dreams. You have spent your life supporting me and my siblings to have a better and brighter future, and for that I thank you.

Pexels | Coffee

Lastly, thank you for your never ending support and always being a dad.

Despite having a family of my own, you still make sure that I am aware that you are still there for me. Thank you for always making me feel that I am still your little girl. Living life as an adult is harder than I thought it would be, and somehow knowing that you’ve got my back, makes me feel secure and comfortable.

Thank you for letting me and my siblings know that we have a father we could always lean on. Despite all of our shortcomings, you never failed to let us know that you still believe in the best of our abilities, for that I thank you.

Pixabay | Geralt

I would just like to remind you as well that my siblings and I couldn’t thank the heavens above enough for blessing us with your love and devotion. Just as you and mom are there for us, know that we are also here for you. We love you and we are truly proud of you!

I am looking forward to eat your homecook meals again; See you this weekend!


your forever little girl.

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