4 thoughts on “Everyone Makes You Stronger”

  1. In the end everything in our life is about “investment”.Any relationship,let it be marriage,parenting,friendship.You have to give to get it back. You can’t expect the flower to grow without nurturing. You can’t expect to enjoy the nice three shade without investing time to grow it. So be wise to invest kindness today and enjoy your tomorrow ….

  2. It’s so hard sometimes to stay “up” when those people are trying to bring you down….but in the end I would say it does make you stronger, and you have a better perspective on how to deal with those people the next time around.

  3. It is truly the wisest thing I have read on this post, Yes, both are your teachers…soon you will arrive at a knowing that it is all your own creation which will allow your to smile wicherever way…/

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