This dog calls human mom at work and their ‘conversation’ is hilarious


There is no doubt that dogs are truly a man’s best friend. They bring a great source of joy and comfort to their human family. Aside from this, dogs have proven their reliability when the days are blue.

According to a study, it has been discovered that in times of emotional distress, some people would turn to their paw pal for support rather than to their fellow human. In addition, dogs are also showing their intelligence by being able to respond to emergency situations.

Despite of these great things, there are still those who are doubtful of a dog’s ability to feel emotions. Fortunately, due to the progress of science and technology, it has been proven that dogs have the same brain structure which produces emotions in humans.

This means that dogs experience the same chemical change that we do when we are emotional. Even dogs have the same oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone. Which only goes to show that even dogs are able to feel and express love and affection.

Aside from these research works, there are a lot of anecdotes showing how loving, affectionate, caring a dog can be. One of these videos is the viral footage of a dog calling his mom to express how much he misses her!


Looking at the viral video alone, one could easily say that Stanley, an Airedale terrier, is a momma’s boy. As seen on the recorded video, Stanley was having a ‘conversation’ with the mother he missed so much.

Apparently, Jennifer, Stanley’s human momma, was working in the office despite her unwell feeling. And so Stanley was left under the care of his father, longing for Jennifer to return home.

According to Stanley’s family, Stanley managed to reach Jennifer through the phone on their kitchen when his dad was sleeping.

However, Jennifer’s voice heard through the phone woke her husband- which led to a perfect opportunity to record Stanley and Jennifer’s conversation.

As seen in the footage, Jennifer had no idea that it was her dog who was calling her at work. When she picked the phone up, she immediately greeted her caller, however, Stanley may have caught his tongue in a knot for he was not speaking.


Urging Stanley to speak, his dad called his name, encouraging him to talk and bark his heart out.

Hearing Stanley’s name, Jennifer quickly called for him saying, “What’s up, Stanley?”

At first, Stanley was not speaking, however once Jennifer initiated a conversation Stanley got comfortable and did not even let her finish. It seems that Stanley was not happy for the absence of her presence in their home.

In their back-and-forth conversation, Stanley animatedly barked loudly at his momma-probably letting her know about his frustration.


When asked if he loves and misses his momma, Stanley continued barking loudly- seemingly telling his dad and momma how much he loves them.

Stanley was speaking with Jennifer for about 2 minutes when Jennifer had to go back to work and wrap things up. Reminding Stanley to be a good boy Jennifer said goodbye to Stanley. However, Stanley walked away without telling his momma goodbye at all.

It seemed that despite missing his momma, he is still annoyed by the fact that Jennifer refused to call sick to work!

The adorable video which was posted on Youtube became viral and reached more than 9 million of views! A lot of Youtube users are expressing how they find the conversation between Stanley and Jennifer very cute!


“This is thee sweetest conversation ever! Stanley is so smart. He clearly says ‘I love my Mom ma!'” A Youtube user said, complimenting Stanley’s smart quirks.

“It’s so cool that when he hears the word “bye”, he figures that’s his cue to exit! Hahaha!” Another Youtube user commented, finding Stanley’s gestures very charming.

“My favorite part was at the end where it seemed he was unable to say “good-bye” and just left. “Good-byes” are difficult sometimes, eh?” Another Youtube user expressed, noting how Stanley must have hated goodbyes.

Watch the adorable video of Stanley that simply goes to show how dogs are capable of feeling. The funny conversation between him and his momma will surely give you a good laugh!

Photos and Video | mrlargemouth

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