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Parents brought to tears after son’s surprise graduation announcement

“Education is the key to success.” As the old saying goes, although education is not a guarantee that you will find happiness in life, still, it is a step closer to achieving your dreams. And in our journey towards success, no one could be all the more proud than our parents.

That’s why most people who knew they are on their way to march on graduation, they cannot wait to share the good news to their moms and dads, however one graduating student from Texas has a different plan.

Hanss Mujica, a graduating student from University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, invited his parents and his family to come for a supposedly ‘family photo shoot.’ However, the family photo shoot was just a front to the surprise he has in store for his parents.

After the family was finished posing for the photographer, the man behind the camera handed them a letter written by Hanss Mujica. The unsuspecting father read the letter aloud.

“I want to thank you for all you have done for me … Now that I’m grown I understand the sacrifices you have made for us to be happy,” Mujica  wrote, finally understanding what his parents had been telling him before.

“I remember you used to say we would understand when we are grown and it’s true.”

Mujica’s dad and mom cannot help but be emotional as they read the rest of the content of the letter. As the parents were tearing up with Mujica’s touching personal note, they have no idea that their son was slowly creeping up behind them. Mujica is seen at the background of the clueless parents, holding a giant poster that says, “They have no idea I’m graduating.”

Seconds later, Mujica in his toga, dropped the first poster, and the second placard reads, “Gracias Mama y Papa.” Mujica evidently expressed his deep gratitude towards his tearful and emotional parents.

After reading the heartful letter of their son, the photographer handed out a second envelope. Mujica’s parents broke down in tears upon seeing the invitation tickets for his graduation, overwhelmed with joy that their son is about to graduate and is one step closer in achieving his dreams.

It was at this moment that the tearful parents were told to turn around. Upon doing so, Mujica’s mother came to him, and enveloped him in a tight embrace. Mujica’s father, hugged him as well and congratulated him.

According to Mujica, he has never been an A-straight student, in fact, he was never the most dedicated student. Unfortunately, his attitude towards education continued until college, and with being held accountable for his academic performance, this attitude of his became his downfall. Ultimately, he was suspended.

“When my parents found out that I had been suspended, the look on their faces completely broke my heart. Their face was filled with utter disappointment and sadness. The last time I saw that face was when they found out my older brother passed away in car accident in my senior year in high school. From that moment on, I told myself that I would never do anything to see that look in their face. I would never do anything to ever disappoint them again.”

True enough, Mujica used the lesson he learned in a hard way as a motivation to pursue excellence. However, due to his suspension, his federal aid was held as well. He had to pay his entire tuition out of his own pocket, and there were times that he needed to apply for emergency loans to continue with his studies.

Soon, Mujica had to stop studying in order to earn and save money. Thanks to his supportive and understanding friends, who let him stay in their house without paying for rent due to his circumstances.

He was able to pay-off his emergency loan and return to the university to continue his college education. With a hopeful heart, he applied for scholarship and was once again, granted federal aid.

From 2017 to 2018, Mujica only has one answer whenever his parents would ask when will he graduate. “Soon,” he would respond without confirming when exactly.

“The surprise for my parents was something that took years to plan. It was not something I thought of from one day to the next. I knew I wanted to surprise my parents since I graduated high school, but my mistakes delayed that. Once the day came, I was very relieved. They thought they were posing for a family photo shoot for a project… little did they know it was my graduation announcement.” Mujica shared in his viral Facebook post.

Mujica submitted his touching story to Love What Matters; his story garnered more than 1.7 million views and was shared over 20,000 times. Certainly, a lot of people all over the world was touched by the determination of Mujica.

Watch the video below to witness the heartwarming reaction of Mujica’s parents, as they found out about the good news their dedicated son has in store for them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.