Dad’s adopted daughter turns out to be perfect kidney donor match

This story about a father and his adopted daughter demonstrates that fate has its own way of bringing wonderful surprises into our lives.

North Carolina resident Billy Houze, 64, is a father of five and an esteemed pastor at First Baptist Church of Lawndale. Everything in his life was going smoothly until 2016, when his health began to decline. That year, Billy underwent gall bladder surgery and soon after, his kidneys started shutting down. Now, he goes on dialysis treatments three times a week.


Billy’s name was put on a kidney donation list, but doctors said that it would probably take him seven to eight years to find a suitable donor. He needed a transplant as soon as possible to save his life, and he couldn’t afford to wait for such a long time.

His two biological sons were tested for compatibility, but both of them weren’t matches. They ran out of blood family members to test, but there was still one unlikely person who hasn’t been screened – his adopted daughter, 27-year-old DeLauren McKnight.

Billy and his wife adopted DeLauren from foster care in 1992 when she was just eight months old.

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DeLauren volunteered to be tested and on February 1, she received the good news – she was a perfect donor match!

DeLauren told Good Morning America:

“I never thought I would be a match because I was adopted. I got the call at work and I wanted him to be the first person that knew. I called and I said, ‘Daddy, I have to tell you something. I’m a match.'”

“He said, ‘What are you mad for?’ I said, ‘No, I’m a match!’ He stopped talking and he was crying. I was shaking. It was overwhelming.”, she continued.

The pair is currently undergoing follow-up tests and hopefully, surgery pushes through within the next few weeks.

DeLauren McKnight

DeLauren is thrilled that she will be instrumental in saving her father’s life.

“There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my dad to see him live the life he is destined for. This is nothing for me. Never thought I would be a match. I am so grateful that I am able to save his life.”

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Billy decided to share the good news on his Facebook. He wrote:

“In 1992, God sent us an angel that we could not have seen then. We took custody of her in an attempt to save her life from foster care. BUT GOD in His wisdom had a plan much greater. Now 27 years later, the revelation has been revealed. We saved her so she could save my life from kidney disease. She is about to donate me a kidney in order to give me more years of life. Oh how I love this beautiful lady and the sacrifice she is willing to make. Pray for our journey, In Jesus name!”


This father and daughter duo will be sharing an unbreakable bond as DeLauren gives Billy a part of her that is invaluable – a gift that will add more years to his life.

She says: “My dad saved me 27 years ago when I was 8 months old. He saved my life so I could later save his.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this story.

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