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Actor and daredevil Steve O adopts stray dog while filming in Peru

When the famous actor and stunt performer, Steve-O went to Peru to film he fell in love with a stray dog named Wendy!

In a video which Steve-O shared on his Twitter account, he introduced Wendy, his new pal and co-star. According to Steve-O, while he was roaming the streets, offering some dog food to stray dogs who will be willing to accompany him, no dog would approach him. Except for one whom he named Wendy.

The dog was sleeping on the streets when it slowly got up to move closer with the stunt performer. For Steve-O, it seemed that he and Wendy instantly clicked with each other. After feeding the dog and playing with him, he left and went-on to a place in which the dog cannot come with him.

He thought that he won’t be able to meet Wendy again, but to his surprise, he crossed a path with Wendy once again when he came out of a restaurant.

Wendy was not alone, she brought some of her friends who flocked around Steve-O as well. “They all wanted love,” Steve-O explained in his video. “It was like she told the dogs I was cool.”

After a while, the dogs left and Steve-O headed to the hotel he was staying in. Wendy continued to follow the stunt performer that Steve-O picker her up and snuck her inside the hotel, breaking rules in order to keep Wendy.

The hotel manager found out about Wendy and reminded the actor about the rules of the hotel. After giving Wendy a bath the dog badly needed, Steve-O slept outside the hotel in a tent they set-up for him.

She’s got her water, her food, baby can come and go as she pleases…” Steve-O shared, showing the insides of the tent where he and Wendy were staying. “But she’s staying with me!” He giddily added, taking pride of the fact that Wendy clings to him.

The next day, Steve-O took Wendy to the vet, she was deflead, dewormed, and vaccinated. She’s no street dog anymore!” The stunt performer added.

Since that day, Wendy became Steve-O’s loved one. The popular actor took her with him to conquer mountains and endured a fun and memorable experiences. “I love this dog so much!” The 2-weeks time they spent in the mountains is definitely not their last adventure together. Steve-O made it clear that from now on Wendy will stay by his side, he even boarded the plane back to his home together with Wendy!

Steve-O’s Vlog featuring Wendy received an overwhelming 4.89 Million views in Twitter alone! The Vlog documenting how he met Wendy and fell-in-love with the stray dog is not only a testimony of their instant and total connection. It also goes to show that no matter how tough and reckless Steve-O seems to be, he is not really a jackass. Evidently on how well he took care of Wendy, the dauntless stunt-performer do have a soft spot in his heart!

Watch the video below and be amazed by the incredible story of how Steve-O was able to find true love during one of his trips in Peru, in the embodiment of Wendy, a stray dog!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.