95-year-old friends celebrate 84 years of friendship with laughs and wine

The wonderful experience of cultivating true friends begins from the moment we become children up until we mature into adults.

However, due to circumstances out of our control, we sometimes drift apart from the people who were once close to us.

This is sad but true – no matter how good the relationship is, we don’t get to keep all the friends we make in our lives forever.


We separate from our friends for a couple of reasons: we move to a different town, change schools, get married, have children – all these things are what might have caused us to lose friends along the way.

But a pair from Colorado seems to have defied all the odds, as they recently celebrated 84 years of their friendship together!

Yes, you read that right. Phyllis Hines and Barbara Noone are celebrating more than eight decades of their friendship. On top of that, they both turned 95 this year.

Phyllis’ birthday was on January 5 and Barbara’s was on February 1. The longtime friends make the effort to see each other on at least a monthly basis and meet every time one of them celebrates a birthday.

Phyllis spoke of her good friend to TMJ4, she said, “I honestly never ever remember being mad at her or having…you know how girls can be.”


“She understands me,” Barbara adds. “Most of the time.”

Their friendship blossomed back when they were just in 7th grade, which is a very long time given their advanced age.

They’ve been through it all – they’ve raised families, buried husbands, and have celebrated countless achievements. But what makes their friendship special is that they never let anything get in the way of their bond.

In the video below from 9NEWS, the two friends can be seen celebrating this momentous double occasion at Barbara’s nursing home library.


The place was decorated with balloons, and Barbara and Phyllis enjoyed their cupcakes and wine, all while laughing and reminiscing about their lives and decades-long friendship.

The bond shared by Phyllis and Barbara is hard to come by nowadays, and it is admirable how they have preserved the beautiful relationship that they have after all these years.

They have been each other’s support through every trial and milestone in their lives, and we hope that these true friends get to celebrate more years together!

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