Here Are The 9 Signs Your Cat Actually Loves You

It is no secret that cats are not your typical overly affectionate animal friend. Unlike dogs who run excitedly to welcome you home, a cat would probably just glance at you and resume with their activity. Thus, a lot of people are wondering, ‘how can you tell if your cat loves you as much as you love it?’

Listed below are 9 simple ways your cat shows you that you are its precious family!

[1] Your cat brings you ‘presents’ from time to time!

Have you ever wondered why your cat would bring you their kills such as a rodent or a small bird? Apparently, your cat brings you their dead prey as a gift or as an offering!

Cats are naturally skilled hunters, though cats have been domesticated, their instinct to hunt and to kill their prey are still intact. Also, they are pack animals, so it is only natural for your cat to share their kills with you. Basically, this is their way of feeding you, which is actually thoughtful and romantic- that is if you will not focus on the dead prey itself!

[2] Your cat flashes their tummy to you!

A cat is often aloof and enjoys being alone. Hence, a cat does not simply show its belly to anyone. So if your cat rolls over on its back to give you a nice view of their fluffy tummy, then this means that it is very comfortable around you. In addition, this is also their way of telling you that they trust you and you make them feel safe and sound.

[3] Your cat twitches the tips of its tail around you!

If you want to fully understand what a cat wants, then pay attention to the way they wag their tail! Their tail is a good indicator of their mood. Naturally, when your cat is twitching its tail around your legs, then your cat is begging for your attention. In addition, it is also how they say that you are theirs.

[4] Your cat frequently headbutts you!

You may think of a cat’s habit of giving headbutts as an innocent gesture. But did you know that cats have scent glands all over their bodies? These scent glands are used by cats as a way of marking their possessions. Basically, it is their way of showing ownership over you.

So the next time that you feel your cat is giving you a headbutt, know that it is leaving traces of its scent to mark you with. Think of it as their way of showing that you are from the same family as well!

[5] Your cat gives you love bites!

Does your cat often playfully bite you? Well, don’t worry! Their love bites are not a sign of aggression but of affection! Basically, whenever your cat is giving you gentle nibble it means that it has a strong bond with you.

Also, whenever a cat is with someone or something that excites them it is their instinct to bite or to nip. This means that your cat is happy to be with you and is overstimulated by your presence, hence it showers you with ‘love bites!’

[6] Your cat loves to follow you!

Does your cat always follow you wherever you go? Whether you are simply watching a TV show, or you have to grab something to eat from the Kitchen, or you have something to do in the bathroom, your cat simply does not want to leave your side.

Just like how humans tend to stay close to someone they enjoy being with, our cats do the same thing. A cat following its owner is a sign that they enjoy their owner’s company. So if your cat does the same thing, then feel proud and flattered!

[7] Your cat has a habit of kneading on you!

When cats knead, they push in and push out their paws against a soft surface, a habit which most people find charming! According to animal lovers, kneading has been a habit of cats since they were born. But why does your cat kneads on you?

Well, scent glands are spread all throughout a cat’s body. So when your cat kneads on you it is also excreting and spreading its scent over you, which is their way of showing ‘possession’ over you. Basically, it is their way of letting other animals know that you are theirs!

[8] Your cat purr around you!

It is easy to know when a person is happy because they smile. It is easy to tell if your dog is excited because they wag their tails. But how can one tell if their cat is overjoyed? Well according to animal enthusiasts, cats express their happiness through purring. So when you have observed that your cat often purrs when you’re around, then it means that they are having the time of their life with you!

[9] Your cat gives you a kitty kiss!

According to The Cat Language Bible by Dr. Jurgella, cats are not fond of making eye contact, unless they are showing aggression towards others. Instead, to greet their fellow feline and people they trust, cats look at someone with a half-close eyes blinking slowly before looking away. This is what others fondly refer to as a ‘kitty kiss!’

The next time you are around with your cat, keep these 9 signs of affection in your mind! Note how many out of these 9 signs manifest in your precious cat and share your findings down in the comment section!

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