Co-housing maybe the new trend in senior living: “The future of aging”

There is a new trend among seniors and retirees. Active seniors are moving in a co-housing community. Here, they are spending their days hiking, eating together, and making their small neighborhood a better place to live. Co-housing is a community of private homes clustered around shared space. While this idea is not new as some

This poster at Target made a mom cry — she shared her feelings on Instagram

Who would have thought that a trip to Target will make a mother cry. This mother from Nashville, Tennessee went out shopping at Target with her special needs son. Jamie Sumner is a wife, mother, and author. Her hands are full as she has three kids, a set of twins and a special needs son

13 truck drivers parked side by side in the middle of the night to save a life

Michigan police prevented a tragic accident when they stopped a man from jumping off the bridge into a busy freeway early Tuesday morning by lining up 13 semi-trucks. The startling photo of more than a dozen trucks parked side-by-side below the overpass on Interstate 696 went viral this week. At first glance, it was thought

Study says going to the beach is good for your mental well-being

Have you ever wondered why you feel energized after going to the beach? Several studies from the United States and Britain found out that the beach improves happiness, well-being, and even the brain function of an individual. This finding is supported by the research by Kobe University that residents in Japan who live in a house