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15 elderly couples who prove that real love exists and HUMOR has no age limit

With more than half of marriage ending up with a divorce, it is quite hard to believe that there is still true love.

If only people of today’s generation would take their time to ask the elderly how they did it, perhaps they would know that for a relationship to work, more than love, commitment, trust, respect and HUMOR are very much important.

Looking at old couples who are happily enjoying each other’s company will surely make you believe that true love still exists.

Prepare your heart to melt away as these fifteen elderly couples prove that age is just a number, and in true love, there is no such thing as an expiration date!

1. When taking care of each other is still your number one priority, love will always stay! 

2. When you still make it a point to spend quality time together, surely you won’t get sick of each other!

3. When you are never too old to goof around, every day is a happy day!

4. When you can make a simple ride home, an adventure you both enjoy!

5. When there is no ‘too old’ in showing affection and being cheesy with each other, love will surely overflow!

6. As they say, the pictures you take shows what you love!

7. When you cannot help but be proud of how long your love has endured!

8. When you cannot help but to show affection with each other despite being together for a long time!

9. When annoying the hell out of each other is still something you look forward to!

10. When you are never too old to unleash the kid inside you, even trips to the grocery together would excite you!

11. When despite the old age, you cannot help but publicly express your love for each other!

12. When both of you are still trying out new activities! 

13. When you know how to kill time with each other, even a simple activity such as coloring sounds like a fun thing to do!

14. When you both love to reminisce and do the things you used to do, love will never die!

15. And when the two of you refuse to let go of each other even in the face of death, even grim reaper would be envious of the love you share!

The overwhelming love between the old couples captured in the photographs above surely is the perfect example of what relationship goals should be!

Photos gathered from Reddit

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.