105-year-old Japanese doctor recommends these 14 healthy pieces of advice

It is no secret that Japan, also known as The Land of The Rising Sun, is home to people living life to the fullest and the longest! More than a quarter of Japan’s citizens are people aged 65-years-old and above. In fact, even the oldest living married couple in the world can be found in Japan as well!

Perhaps, you are now wondering about the secret behind the Japanese’s long life. Dr. Shegeaki Hinohara is a 105-year-old doctor who is well-known for his 150 books about leading a long and happy life. According to the best selling author of Living Long, Living Good, and founder of the New Elderly Movement, it is not because they have found the fountain of life. According to the physically active doctor, you need not find the elixir of life to enjoy a long and happy life. All you have to do is to follow these 14 life advises!

[1]Break a Sweat!

According to Dr. Hinohara, if you want to live long and happy, you have to stay physically fit. The doctor also stressed the importance of grabbing every opportunity to keep your body moving. The doctor says that taking the stairs and carrying your own stuff instead of riding the escalator will help you break the sweat you need!

[2] Do not believe everything your doctor recommends!

Although he is a doctor himself, Dr. Hinohara believes that not everything your doctor says is good for you. It is better if you will arm yourself with knowledge by reading health and wellness books. Sometimes you have pay attention to what your body is telling you rather than to your doctor. At the end of the day, you know your body more than anyone!

[3] Share your knowledge with other people!

Believe it or not, the 105-year-old doctor still travels around Japan yearly to facilitate more than 100 lectures to people around the country. The old but sharp doctor even gives his lectures while standing up! Most of his lessons include educating others about the business communities, lessons on war and peace, and his personal experiences in life.

[4] Do not retire if you don’t have to!

As per the esteemed doctor, if you do not have any physical and mental ailment, then you don’t have to retire from the work you enjoy so much. Just like him who works for about 18 hours a day and gives lectures yearly, you can still enjoy and pursue your passion!

[5] Plan Ahead!

Remember, failing to plan is like planning to fail. Planning ahead and keeping track of your schedule keep your brain healthy. Do not let your day and your life be spoiled by forgetting to prepare for the day! Dr. Hinohara believes in the power of planning that he has already booked a slot at the 2020 Japan Olympics!

[6] Regulate your weight!

Overweight and obesity is a well-known cause of increased blood pressure and stroke. To avoid health problems such as this, Dr. Hinohara advises everyone to not be overweight! To keep a healthy weight, Dr. Hinohara enjoys a glass of fresh orange juice, coffee, and olive oil for breakfast; Cookies and a glass of milk for lunch; and a cup of rice, vegetables, and fish for dinner. As much as possible, the Doctor recommends limiting lean meat consumption to 100g twice a week.

[7] Energy comes from feeling good!

The popular doctor believes that energy does not come alone from the food we eat nor from the amount of sleep we get. Rather than these physiological activities, Dr. Hinohara says that energy comes from feeling good on the inside. In order to be full of positive energy every day, the doctor encourages people to behave like children- free from strict and regulated rules that keep one from having fun!

[8] Age gracefully- Do not be afraid to grow old!

Dr. Hinohara does not fear aging. Rather, he believes that living longer is a wonderful thing. Though he is already 105-year-old, he still serves his community by working 18 hours a day in seven days a week! Despite his busy schedule, the doctor still enjoys every single moment of his ripe life!

[9] Find a good role model!

In order to be truly successful in life, Dr. Hinohara believes that it is important to have a role model whom you can look up to. The doctor shared that every time he is facing a challenge in life, he asks himself this question, ‘What would father have done?’ The doctor says that thinking this way helps him arrive at a sound decision.

[10] Do not worry too much!

Life is full of surprises! If you will keep on thinking about things you have no control of you are only wasting your energy over nothing. Dr. Hinohara says that worrying even about the smallest thing will only lead to depression and bring more health issues. Things that are bound to happen will happen so give yourself some time to relax!

[11] Science alone cannot cure people!

Dr. Hinohara believes that science alone is not the answer to all of our diseases. The doctor says that we must incorporate visual and even liberal arts in order to stay healthy!

[12] Life is not always about the money!

The wise doctor knows that he cannot take his money to the grave just like the rest of us. Hence, it is important to prioritize things that are more important rather than thinking about money all the time!

[13] Life moves in mysterious ways and so does pain!

According to the experienced doctor, pain is one of life’s greatest mysteries. There are times in which a pain can be treated and cured with simple things such as by spending quality time with one’s beloved or playing with a pet, or by listening to music.

[14] Be Inspired!

In order to keep the fire burning in your heart, you must seek inspiration! The doctor says you can motivate yourself to achieve the things you are dreaming of by reading about poems or by learning about other people’s experiences!

As the old saying goes, there is no harm in trying! Start incorporating these 14 helpful tips from Dr. Hinohara and let us know how effective these tips are! Share your insights on the comment section below!

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