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Missing senior dog finally reunited with owner after 12 years of separation

A dog that went missing for 12 years was finally reunited with her owner in California. The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office recently shared a video on their Facebook page detailing the long-awaited reunion.

According to the post’s caption, animal services officer Brandon Levin received a call on February 10 about a stray dog dropped off on a rural property outside of Stockton, California. The caller said the dog looked “old and unwell.”

Levin scanned the canine for a microchip and discovered that her name was Zoey. She was previously reported missing from Lafayette, California, in 2010, about 60 miles away from where she was found.

“Zoey had been missing for so long, in 2015 the microchip company had actually listed her as ‘deceased’ in their records,” they wrote in the caption.

Zoey’s owner, Michelle, now lives in Benecia, California, but she luckily kept the same phone number all these years. This allowed the sheriff’s office to contact her and tell her about the wonderful news. They arranged a reunion for the pair in Rio Vista.

Their reunion was captured in a one-minute clip uploaded to Facebook.

“She didn’t grow much,” Michelle said after petting Zoey. “She’s so cute!”

The 13-year-old dog was then shown soundly sleeping on top of a few blankets in the backseat of a car.

The San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office explained in the comments that they were able to contact Michelle and return Zoey to her on the same day, so she didn’t have to go to the shelter.

Michelle said she found Zoey and her twin sister at the pound when they were only six months old.

“They were with us for about six months and then we went to the store for about 20 minutes and came back and she was missing,” she recalled.

Michelle says she is “still in shock” over this unexpected gift.

“I definitely didn’t expect this to ever happen so I’m really excited,” she said.

Zoey will have an instant playmate because Michelle has another 13-year-old dog at home. At the end of the clip, she said she is looking forward to getting the dog healthy and letting her live the rest of her life.

Watch their reunion in the video below. 

Here’s another heartwarming reunion story between a dog and its owner.

Anthony Rogers, a homeless artist, woke up to find that his dog, Bobo, was gone. Anthony rescued the dog from a drug house when he was just a puppy and described him as his “lifesaver.”

Although he didn’t have a roof over his head and sometimes lacked food, he always made sure that Bobo never went hungry.

Anthony didn’t waste time and immediately searched for the pup. His friends created posters with Bobo’s picture and posted them all over the neighborhood.

After two weeks, Anthony received the call he had been waiting for—Bobo was found! A friend drove him to the Memphis Animal Services, and the pair shared the sweetest reunion ever.

Before leaving the shelter, Bobo got neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. They also checked him for heartworm, and he was found to be negative. They also sent him back with a year’s supply of dog food and heartworm prevention medication, along with a leash, collar, harness, and ID tag.

A local animal hospital also accepted donations that would go to Bobo’s future care.

“It means a lot to me. He’s a good guy, and I thank everybody for their time and for watching out for us,” Anthony said.

Our four-legged companions give us inexplicable joy in our lives. That’s why losing them could cause the worst heartbreak. Thankfully, these dogs found a way back to their owners!

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