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100-year-old couple celebrates their wedding anniversary: ‘I’ve Loved You For 80 Years’

Seeing elderly couples still being head over heels over each other makes one believe that true love does exist in real life. They are the living testament that you can fall in love and stay in love even after decades of living with each other every day.

The video capturing the 105-year old man professing how much he loves his 100-year old wife of 80 years, is reminding people all over the world that such love is possible.

Thousands of people all over the internet are left holding back their tears after witnessing the old man named Arthur Jacobs confess his everlasting love to his wife, Marcia Jacobs during their 80th wedding anniversary.  The video was captured and posted by their grandchildren spending time with them during their anniversary.

Arthur, who was born in 1917, can be seen by the side of his wife, Marcia. The old man looked at his wife, who has trouble in remembering him, as he repeated how much he loves her over and over again. “Do you remember marrying this wonderful guy grandpa Arthur Jacobs?” Their filmmaker grandson, Gabe Jacobs asked. “You both got very very lucky.” 

“You got very lucky [grandma] and so did you, grandpa.” Gabe continued to tease his grandparents, and Marcia could not help her waves of laughter from filling the air after hearing the last remark of her grandson, certainly agreeing with his statement.

Aside from not being able to recognize her husband and her family, Marcia also has difficulty in expressing the words she wanted to say. Due to her condition and old age, she could only utter hello over and over again.

“I love you. I’ve loved you for 80 years, honey, that’s a long time.” Arthur reminded his wife, looking right into her eyes as he held her hands.

“You were only 20 when we fell in love and got married.” The 105-year-old grandpa said, reminiscing about how their love started. “And you were still going to school.” Grandma Marcia laughed in response to his tale. “I miss you. I miss you all the time.” Arthur admitted, sharing how much he longs to be with her again.

Marcia could only say the words hello hello,’ but the way she kissed Arthur’s hands and the look she gives him show that her heart understands what her husband is telling her.

“Grandpa we’re so lucky she’s still here. We miss her but we still get to see her. It’s something.” Their granddaughter, Jordana, reminded Arthur, trying to uplift his spirit.

This statement earned a response from Marcia as well. The 100-year old grandma said “okay” and the three couldn’t help but laugh at Marcia’s timely reaction. The video ended due to Jordana’s request. The everlasting love shared by Arthur and Marcia is melting and breaking the hearts of people all over the world. Their hearts are melting over the unconditional love shown by Arthur for his wife Marcia. While their hearts are breaking due to the fact that Marcia cannot recognize him most of the time.

Their beautiful love story already garnered more than 4 million views and 58,000 of shares after it was uploaded on the Try Not To Cry Facebook page last week. A lot of people are expressing their respect and admiration for the love the two elderly have for each other.

Most of the people who left their insights in the comment box, not only prayed for their health but also wished to experience a love like theirs.

Arthur and Marcia’s great love story only goes to show that true love exists. In a sea of people and in the kind of world we are living, there is someone out there capable of loving you in ways you deserve to be loved. May Arthur and Marcia’s everlasting love for each other, be our relationship goals!

Do not forget to grab some tissue paper before watching the heart-melting video of Arthur and Marcia below, as their love for each other will surely bring tears to your eyes!

Photos and Video | Gabe Jacobs

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.