10-yr-old gets invited onstage by Foo Fighters and blows them away with insane skills

Foo Fighters, the American rock band founded by Nirvana’s drummer, Dave Grohl has been stealing the hearts of people since 1994. And despite winning multitude of Grammy Awards and selling more than 12 million copies of their albums world wide, the Foo Fighters never once lost their touch to make their fans happy. With the popularity of the rock band, it is safe to say that all fans would die for an opportunity to perform with them.

Such fan is the 10-year-old boy named Collier Cash Rule from Kansas City, Missouri. Chosen by Foo Fighter’s founder and front man Dave Grohl, Collier was able to check off from his list the ultimate wish of performing with the popular rock band. And the little boy sure knew how to give justice to his luck — by performing with a bang!

The 10-year-old boy came to the concert together with his mother, Jennifer, and his best friend. Collier was having the time of his life when Foo Fighter’s front man spotted him playing air guitar with such passion.

Amused by Collier’s gesture, Dave asked him if he knew how to play actual guitar to which the boy proudly replied with a yes.

“I know a lot of Metallica songs,” Collier answered when he was asked about the songs he knew. Not bothered by Collier’s unexpected answer, Dave lent his guitar to the young boy.

And when the little boy was asked to perform before the 15,000 fans of Foo Fighters, Collier was beyond ecstatic. The front man Dave Grohl, asked him to perform any song he knew, and the 10-year-old boy boldly replied with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” 

Pleased with the little boy’s audacity and taste in music, Dave started singing along while Collier played his guitar. To say that the 10-year-old boy owned the stage is an understatement, the way Collier played the opening chords and rocked around the stage made it seem like he is no less than a part of the well-known rock band.

“That’s all we know!” Grohl shouted before their 15,000 audiences. “He knows more than we do!”

After performing Metallica’s Enter Sandman, Collier continued with Welcome Home and gave life to Metallica’s Wherever I Roam.

“That was awesome,” Dave Grohl said, expressing his respect and admiration to the talented Collier.

After his 5 minutes of spotlight, Dave asked Collier if he wanted to keep the Pelham Blue Gibson guitar. The young boy could only look at Dave with disbelief. Since the tour is almost ending, Dave nonchalantly gave his prized guitar to the young boy.

After performing with the band he looks up to, Collier could still not believe that he was able to showcase his talent before 15,000 people together with the Foo Fighters. Fortunately, Dave Grohl’s posted their performance on Foo Fighter’s Twitter account, showing Collier that he was not dreaming.

“Lookout world…Next generation of rockers coming soon to an arena near you! Thanks Collier!” These are the words of praise Foo Fighters expressed for Collier’s talent.

In addition, Collier’s jaw-dropping performance became viral overnight that it was able to reach Metallica. After watching Collier’s performance with Foo Fighters, even the prestigious band was caught in awe by the 10-year-old’s talent. In their Instagram account, they posted Collier’s performance along with the caption of:

“How cool is this??? Show ’em how it’s done, Collier! #NextGeneration.” Metallica’s Instagram post alone, reached more than 800,000 of views in just a few hours.

“It was really exciting,” Collier shared in an interview. “Most musicians probably wouldn’t do that.”

His supportive mother, Jennifer, shared that she was not surprised to see Collier taking his 5-minute-spotlight with a bang.

“He’s on that guitar all the time. Six in the morning, six at night,” Elizabeth shared, proud of the fruit of her son’s hard-earned skills. “We practice a couple of hours a day. Sometimes with the amp plugged in, which is, you know, awesome at 6 a.m.”

What makes Collier even more admirable is that the 10-year-old boy wanted to use the attention he’s getting in order to help his 8-year-old friend, Bo. His best pal happens to be suffering from several illnesses such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, and epilepsy.

Knowing that a lot of Foo Fighter’s and Metallica’s fans are kindhearted people, Collier asked his mom, Elizabeth, to create a GoFundMe page for his best pal. In less than a week, the page has garnered 3,700 dollars. In total, Collier announced on Instagram that they were already able to reach a combined 10,000 dollars for his pal.

“…I’m trying to use all of this good stuff that’s happening to me to help him,” Collier expressed on his Instagram post, the boy is hoping he could raise around 40000 dollars for his friend. Aside from the GoFundMe campaign, Collier shared that he also tried holding a lemonade for a cause stand on their yard to help his cause.

In a generation where most kids are whining for material things, it sure is refreshing and reassuring to learn that there are kids like Collier. For a 10-year-old kid, he sure is a talent on the rise; but aside from his admirable gift, his golden heart is worthy of respect!

Watch the video below to see how the 10-year-old Collier seized his opportunity to perform with Foo Fighters, and left the 15,000 audiences breathless!

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