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  1. Both of my parents are gone now. I miss them dearly. Dad passed in 2010 & mom a couple days before my birthday 2018. I still find myself thinking I’m gonna call mom! ❤ I still sense her presence.

  2. I lost my parents within three months of each other, and as the oldest, I always felt I had a responsibility to take care of things. When my sister was diagnosed with early onset dementia I felt it was my duty to my parents to make sure she was taken care of. They were my biggest supporters, loved me unconditionally, and loved me when I didn’t love myself. I will miss them until my last breath and miss them terribly every single day.

  3. This is an interesting perspective, but you might have more compassion for people who don’t have never had a loving relationship with their parents. #6 is not very compassionate toward others…..I came from an abusive home and yet I should have gratitude for my parents? Everyone has a story….keep that in mind when giving someone an earful.

  4. I completely agree lost both parents a sister and a brother nothing prepares you ever but life does go on and I know they are proud of me. Thank you

  5. So true. My mom and I were best friends. My dad was the strong silent man. Six months passed between their deaths. Eighteen years have passed,the hurt. Is still there. When you have children you hope that they will experience the same but when it doesn’t happen the hurt is worse.

  6. I lost my fiancee in a road accident on 19th march..Since then i am living my life like a soul without life.Nothing seems excited, life seems hopeless and burden. I am trying to accept the fact but my heart is not allowing me. Negativity has stuck in so hard..i miss him all the time..

  7. Thanks, every word is so true, it helps to know that you are not alone with such feelings, THANK YOU !!!

  8. I lost my parents 5 weeks apart just after I turned 21. 30 years of living without them and all the things that happen in life. Sadly my Husband became a member of “the club” a few years ago. Thankfully my kids did get to know his parents. Thanks for the lovely article

  9. It’s so very true. The spouses who’ve lost their partners and listen to people gripe about their husbands/wives; those who’ve lost children and listen to people talk about the neverending problems of parenthood; and those with the loss of parents and listening to those who complain about their mothers and fathers: it’s a special heartbreak.
    Thank you for touching on this very delicate subject.

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